Sunday, June 22, 2014

ACE Summer School - Art from recycled markers!

Blow Paint & Recycled Water Colors

I had read in one of the art magazines about using old dried up markers to make watercolor paint.  So, I looked on Pinterest  for directions.  Here's what we did...I use "Mr. Sketch" markers because I find they last longer.  I have box in the art room for "Dead Markers".  It says RIP on the box.  Then I bought needle nose pliers at the dollar store and demonstrated how to pull out the tip of the marker.  Next, I demonstrated how to use that needle nose to pull off the bottom of the marker. The kids loved using the pliers and we had no accidents.  The kids showed me how to use the "circle" on the pliers to remove the bottom of the Crayola markers!  I do learn a lot from the kids!
We put all of the marker parts into plastic cups with some water added.  I let them soak overnight.  The next day I transferred the liquid watercolor to jars with lids.

Looking on Pinterest I found this blow painting artwork.  We did it on watercolor paper using the recycled water colors.  I dropped a few drops of the recycled watercolor on their paper and they blew it right away.  If the watercolor sits there it soaks into the paper.  I also found that more water made is blow better and not soak in so fast.  We also discovered that if they blew it as it was dropping on the the paper it had a different look.  Funny thing is, I showed this project to the kids on Pintrest they didn't like it but of course in the end they loved it!

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