Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eric Carle Portraits - 3rd grade

Using the papers we painted using intermediate colors, Third Grade learned the proper placement of facial features by creating a portrait.  I gave them a pattern to trace for each head.  Next they made their hair and then added eyes, nose and mouth.  As you can see, each students used their own creativity to do the rest!

Ace Summer School - Recycled Flowers

Our last project was making flowers out of recycled old library books.  I gave the kids old library books and a choice of flower stencils to trace.  We used recycled wire the electricians (my husband) cuts off after installing a ballast.  The kids did have a hard time cutting up the books!

Ace Summer School - Recycling & Louise Nevelson

Lousie Nevelson was an American sculptor (1899-1988) known for her large, monochromatic (one color) wooden wall sculptures.  Nevelson used found objects for many of her sculptures.  So, we used found objects to create our Louis Nevelson sculptures.

The kids brought in some of their own found objects and added them to the class found object box.  After they chose their objects, they went to a "glue station" to glue their found objects into their box.  (People give me all kinds of stuff and a friend gave me these small black boxes.)

The kids love using the glue guns!  We gave them instructions on what to do if they burned themselves.  Luckily, no one got a blister.  

The last step is go outside to spray paint the boxes which the kids love doing also!