Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recycled Paper Flowers

Each school year the art teacher is asked to have students make some art for some occasion.  We were asked to make a center piece for a retirement party in our district.  Some of the third and fifth graders made these recycled paper flowers.  I asked the librarian for some books that they discard each year.  She gave me a whole box!  The kids traced and cut out a flower and creased each petal.  I assembled them using wire that the electricians cut and usually throw away from the ballasts in our lights.  My husband is an electrician so I have an in!  Them is assembled them in styrofoam on the basket.  Cute!  We may do these flowers again.  At the end of the school year we have a party for all of our volunteers.  Art students usually make them a gift.  Maybe we'll do these flowers.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kinder Self Portraits!

Before each Kindergarten student drew and colored their own self portrait, we looked at one of the many self portraits of Vincent Van Gogh.  We discussed facial features and used geometric shapes to draw the body.  I love these self portraits!
These are some of the eight 5th grade helpers that give up their recess to come and help me with Kindergarten.  They helped me cut out all 90 Kindergarten self portraits.  I could not survive with out their help!  Thank 5th grade!

Kindergarten Painting

Kindergarten learns to paint!  The kids all tell me they already know how to paint but they are learning how to paint with 20 other children, how to carry their painting to the drying rack, wash their hands, and clean up the mess all in 45 minutes!  The fist paintings we made were about mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.  In the picutres below the studens were allowed to use all of the paints and paint any thing they wanted (free paint day)!

Kinder kids learn to clean up too!