Friday, May 9, 2014

Kindergaraten Printmaking Cities

Students learned about warm and cold colors by "painting" water onto tissue paper to create the background.  Then they used a small piece of cardboard dipped in black paint to print skyscrapers!

During the next class,  they printed the windows.  

Eric Carle flowers- 1st grade

Mixed paint and sponges for the background.

Paint before it is mixed and sponging the background.

Now... cut circles and stems and then the petals for the Eric Carle like flowers made from all of those painted papers we made.

Eric Carle Landscapes-4th grade

The first thing we did was to go outside and watch as a student ran to the end of the field.  We discussed how things that are far away look small.  

First, students used the intermediate, tints and shaded painted papers they made earlier to created the "land" for their landscape.  Next, they added something small in their background, something "medium" size in the middle ground and then something big in the foreground.

Andy Warhol Dog Painting - 5th grade

I got the idea for this lesson from a reusable bag I saw at Pets Mart.  We read the book "Uncle Andy" a story about Andy Wharol written by his nephew.  Then the students drew a small line drawing of a dog.  Next, I showed students how to trace their own art work by putting it on a window so you can see through the paper. They traced their dog four times. 

Next, Students began the mixing tints, shades, and intermediate colors.  They love mixing paint.  Sometimes they mix and mix and mix and mix...and don't paint anything in a class period!  I wish we had more art time!

One of the students wore this shirt to show me...she made a connection!