Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pinwheels For Peace!

The pinwheels are everywhere!  650!

Theses pinwheels were done with Kindergarten and I incorporated a lesson on how to carry their artwork to the drying rack.  The students colored on the pinwheels using watercolor markers and then I sprayed them with "magic" water.  They have to carry the wet artwork to the drying rack with two hands so they don't drip.  The older students want to know why they can't spray theirs!

Unfortunately, we were not able to create our pinwheel art installation outside because of rain.  So we made it into an art performance!  We did two separate performances in the gym.  We sang part of the Beatles song, "Give Peace a Chance", read a couple of "Who will you make peace with?" writings, reviewed all of the things we had been learning about peace on the announcemnets in the morning, and talked about how to stop a bully!

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  1. Mrs. Frith, Thank you for all of your efforts and preparation for this awesome event. Woodview is so blessed to have you as our art teacher! We had so much fun at pinwheels for peace! Thank you for all you do!