Monday, June 24, 2013

Batik 4th Grade 2012-2013

Batik-4th Grade

First, students draw their pictures with very little detail. Next, tape the top and bottom of the fabric over the drawing. Then, tape the sides, stretching to make it tight.

In the pictures below, the students are painting their entire fabric with the melted crayons.  They also, check the coloring using a picture.

Next, they put their fabric 
into one color of dye.
Students crumble their 
painted fabric over the trash can.

Early finishers peel crayons for next year.
The last step is to iron the batik and it makes a print.  I have an old dry press that I use.  I place the dyed batik face down on a white piece of paper and place it between several layers of news paper and   press it in the hot press for a few minutes.

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